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Mission of Art and Design Education:

     (I)  We wish to develop students' creative potential and a ​​diversity of perspectives into the realm of art.

     (1)  We wish to develop programs fully attentive to students’ aptitudes, abilities,  interests, and social needs, providing a variety of learning opportunities and an environment that encourages students to grow.

     (2)  We wish to adopt effective teaching methods and effective teaching experiments to enhance our students’ professional abilities. Major goals are as follows

              1.Professional knowledge and of substantive skills of fulfilling.

              2.Inspired creativity and cultivate career abilities.

              3.Information ability and the use of digital technology.


     (II)  We respect the versatility and diversity of our faculty members. And we  encourage both research works and creative works by the professors.  

          (1) We encourage professors to do innovative research works, and we  provide incentives and hohors to those who achieved social recognition.

          (2) We promote the organization of public forums and professional societies under each of our expertise and creative professions.      

     (III) We wish to meet the creative needs of our society and corporations. We also wish to strengthen international exchanges and artistic practices.

          (1) We hold seminars, inviting practitioners to participate in our courses.

          (3) We pay regular visits to workshops, factories or enterprises.

          (4) We promote and help establish our students’ internships.

          (5) We encourage students to participate in various exhibitions and competitions.

     (IV) We encourage our students to absorb extracurricular knowledge in the humanities, and their participation in a wider range of artistic activities, including cinema and creative writing. 

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