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DesignDepartment of Architectrue and Landscape Design/The Environment and Art Institute
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There is an air of artistry pervading the beautiful wooden campus and natural surroundings of Nanhua University, which inspires the growth of an artistic culture.Soon after the inauguration of Nanhua University, the rapid development of the humanities and the arts has shaped the direction of education in the university. The University’s overall development plan focuses on the establishment the early departments; other departments and graduate institutes were later added to integrate humanistic education methods into the new curriculum.

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Deaprtment of Creative Product 
In light of the advances in science and technology, development of living standards and improvement in the quality of living, the establishment of the College of Arts is a part of the University’s vision of becoming a comprehensive educational institution.The Ministry of Education merged all art-related academic from the former College of Humanities to form the College of Arts.

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Department of Ethnomusicology

There are a total of four undergraduate departments, four graduate institutes, and two continuing education Master’s programs. They are unique and have great potential for future development. The academic units include the Graduate Institute of Aesthetics and Arts Management, Department of Visual Arts, Graduate Institute and Department of Architecture and Landscape Design, Graduate Institute and Department of Applied Art and Design, and Department of Ethnomusicology.
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Department of Visual and Media Arts 
We have a well-rounded faculty and student body. Our graduates have received excellent accolades from the professional community. The College is committed to increasing the effectiveness in management and to enhancing the specialization of each academic unit. In future, the College will develop cooperative efforts with the cultural and creative industries. It aims to achieve its mission of localizing and internationalizing teaching and learning.


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